Turkish customs official verbally harasses woman motorcyclist crossing border

Motorcyclist Laura Mills shared a viral video on how a Turkish customs official verbally harassed her while she was passing through the border gate in Edirne province. The district governor’s office launched an investigation against the official.

Duvar English

Social media influencer and motorcyclist Laura Mills recorded and shared her encounter with a Turkish customs official who verbally harassed her while she was passing from Greece to Turkey at İpsala Border Gate in Edirne province. 

During passport control, Mills recorded the dialog between her and the official using her helmet camera in which the customs officer first said that she “looks” much younger than her age. 

Then the official asked her to park her motorcycle and whether if would like to have coffee together or not. The customs official also asked whether she had a boyfriend and did she like him. 

"When I got to Istanbul I bought a fake wedding ring, to ensure this didn’t happen again on the way out," she wrote on the caption of the video.

After Mills shared the video on social media and it went viral on July 6, many people reacted to what happened. İpsala District Governor's office has launched an investigation against the customs officer. While the investigation is ongoing, he was reportedly transferred to inactive duty.