Turkish driver leaves taxi stuck between walls while fleeing police

A taxi driver in Turkey’s Ankara got his car stuck between walls while trying to flee the police. The police later confiscated the driver’s license.

Duvar English

A Turkish taxi driver on April 13 left his vehicle stuck between walls while trying to flee the police, Demirören News Agency reported.

Accordingly, the taxi driver with the initials Y.K. did not obey the stop warning of the police at around 3.30 a.m. local time and started fleeing in the capital province of Ankara’s Etimesgut district.

After fleeing for a while, the driver entered the parking lot of a market to cover his tracks.

The driver tried to get out of the lot after seeing that the police were following him, but his car got stuck between the wall of the market and the garden wall of the next apartment building. 

The police then took the driver out of the window of his car and confiscated his license.

Mehmet Taş, who works at the market at the scene, said, “I came to work in the morning, and there was a taxi between our market and the wall. It is a passage where even a wheelbarrow does not pass. I can't understand how this car got in there. I was very surprised when I saw it.”