Turkish eagle rescued after trying to swallow whole snake

Forest management officials have found an eagle in Turkey's northwestern province of Düzce that tried to swallow a whole snake causing a blocking in its mouth and throat.

Anadolu Agency

An eagle in northwestern Tureky on Aug. 14 took a flight to a vet after choking on a snake that proved too big for it to swallow.

In Düzce province, forest management officials found the eagle injured and having trouble breathing and they brought the bird to the Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch Directorate.

Upon examination, veterinarians found that the eagle tried to bite off more than it could swallow – a whole snake blocking its mouth and throat.

The vets removed the snake, which was not poisonous, from the eagle’s mouth in two parts.

The recovering eagle will be released into nature after proper treatment and with a hard-learned lesson that biting off more than one can chew is always dangerous.