Turkish economists complain about cost of living crisis, say they couldn’t buy sunscreen during live broadcast

During a live TV broadcast, two Turkish economists said they could not buy sunscreen because of its price while complaining about the cost of living crisis in the country.

Duvar English

Turkish economists Ege Cansen and Professor Asaf Savaş Akat said that they could not buy sunscreen because of its price during live Bloomberg HT broadcast.

Commenting on the cost of living crisis, Cansen said, “I looked for sunscreen with my wife, we couldn't buy it. It was 900 liras ($27.5).”

Akat replied “I experienced the same situation yesterday. A sunscreen is 965 liras ($29.5). I didn’t buy it.”

The presenter then said, “Apply yoghurt after getting sunburned.”

The government-run Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) reported an annual inflation rate of 75.45 percent in May, whereas the independent inflation group ENAG put the figure at 120.66 percent.

Millions of Turks cannot make ends meet due to the soaring cost of living and the unending inflation crisis.