Educator detained after beating children at cult-run dorm

Main opposition CHP deputy Yıldırım Kaya has shared the moments of an educator beating children at a cult-run dormitory in Istanbul. After the video stirred huge reaction on social media, the Istanbul Governor's Office announced that the educator was detained.

Duvar English

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Yıldırım Kaya late on March 24 shared a video showing an educator beating a group of children at a cult-run dormitory in Istanbul. 

"The footage was taken in a boys' dormitory belonging to the [religious cult] Süleymancılar in Istanbul’s Esenler. What has been done to bring these unscrupulous people who tortured our children to account before the judiciary? Did they get away with what they did?” MP Kaya tweeted and shared the video. 

Meanwhile, a few hours after the footage was released, Istanbul’s Governor's Office announced that the educator was detained.

“A dormitory officer who implemented violence against students at a private male dormitory in Esenler district was detained as part of a judicial investigation. The Provincial Directorate of National Education initiated an investigation. This violent behavior towards our students is never acceptable; we condemn it with regret,” the governor's office early March 25 tweeted.