Turkish farmer dumps peppers in forest as agriculture sector continues to suffer

A farmer in the southern province of Antalya dumped his produce in the forest, in hopes of preventing it from going to waste, as the country's markets are turning away producers amid low sales.

Duvar English

A farmer in the southern province of Antalya dumped almost four tons of his produce in the forest after local markets turned him down amid low sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Anka News Agency reported on May 5. 

The farmer said that all local markets have been oversaturated with supplies as a result of low demand during the COVID-19 pandemic and that he hoped to feed living creatures in the wild by dumping his peppers in the woods. 

"I paid 1,500 liras to get these peppers harvested, they don't make me a single dime. I took it to the bazaar, they told me 'don't bring it to us.' Nobody's buying or selling," the farmer said. 

Members of the agriculture industry are struggling with debt, and would even settle to sell below cost to receive some income, the farmer added.