Turkish Finance Minister protested at stadium over HÜDA-PAR MPs

Yeni Mersin İdmanyurdu fans, which have been promoted to the Turkish second league, protested Finance Minister Nebati and chanted “We don’t want Hizbullah in the Parliament,” referring to the HÜDA-PAR MPs elected from the ruling AKP list.

Duvar English

After the match that secured Yeni Mersin İdmanyurdu's promotion to the second league, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati was protested by fans.

After Yeni Mersin İdmanyurdu beat Yomraspor 5-1 in Mersin province, the former secured promotion to the second league. 

After the win, Yeni Mersin İdmanyurdu staff and football players celebrated the promotion at the stadium. 

Finance and Treasury Minister Nureddin Nebati, the Minister of Treasury and Finance, who was elected as a lawmaker from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) from Mersin province, went down to the field after the victory, congratulating the players and the staff.

According to the footage shared on social media, Yeni Mersin İdmanyurdu supporters protested Nebati with whistles. Fans chanted “We don't want Hizbullah in the Parliament” and “We are the soldiers of Mustafa Kemal.”

Four candidates from the Free Cause Party (HÜDA-PAR) were elected as MPs from the AKP’s list. The HÜDA-PAR has been at the center of the controversy due to its direct affiliation with the radical Islamist terrorist organization Hizbullah.