Turkish Foreign Ministry proposes ‘guarantor state’ solution for Israel-Palestine conflict

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Fidan has proposed assigning “guarantor states” to ensure the two-state solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Turkey as a potential guarantor for the Palestinian side.

Duvar English

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan on Oct. 16 outlined a formula of “guarantor states” to  oversee a two-state solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict during his meeting with press representatives in Ankara. 

He stated that they had presented the idea during the many diplomatic contacts, according to Anadolu Agency (AA) reporting. 

Fidan emphasized that the countries that will be guarantors to the Palestinian side should be from the region including Turkey. “After reaching a treaty that both sides will agree on, guarantor countries will take responsibility for fulfilling requirements," he noted.

Fidan said, "The important thing is to turn the crisis into an opportunity for peace and take steps towards realizing the two-state solution, and to bring lasting peace to the region." 

"Israel has been ignoring the two-state solution process. They have prioritized peacemaking with other Arab countries, but not with Palestinians, because the Palestinian state does not exist to them," Fidan added. 

Fidan noted that Israel has been able to push forth its agenda due to the lack of sanctions and that the international community should take a stand that forces Israel to a two-state solution.

The minister added that military and political support of the U.S. and Europe might beget some deterrence. "Unless peace is guaranteed, Israel will feel the need to constantly persecute others and use violence in the name of security, creating a never-ending cycle of violence," he added.

Fidan did not present definitive plans about a potential Turkish peacekeeping force in the region.

Previously, six opposition and ruling parties from Turkish Parliament declared that only solution for ending the violence was founding a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital.