Turkish gendarmerie batter and detain journalist for taking photo of train accident

Turkish gendarmerie battered and detained journalist Mehmet Yalman, owner of news outlet Malatya Haber24, for wanting to take photos of a train accident in Malatya’s Yeşilyurt district.

Duvar English

Journalist and owner of local news outlet Malatya Haber24, Mehmet Yalman, on June 29 announced that he was beaten by gendarmerie for wanting to take photos of a train accident.

Two people were injured when a train and minibus collided on June 26 in the eastern province of Malatya’s Yeşilyurt district. 

Yalman told daily Sözcü that he wanted to take photos of the accident but gendarmerie teams prevented him from doing so.

“I said, 'I am a member of the press'. When I wanted to show my press card, about 15 gendarmes rushed on me and beat me. Then they detained me. First, I was taken to the hospital to get a medical report, and I stayed in custody for a day. After giving my testimony to the prosecutor, I was released,” he said.

“I think this incident was intentional. We were in a disagreement with the Provincial and District Gendarme Commanders due to some news reports. I have never been in custody in my life, my record is clean. They wanted to find witnesses who would (talk against me) at the crime scene, but because the people of the neighborhood knew me, no one did it,” the journalist added.