Turkish gendarmerie batter, detain villagers protesting against expropriation of farmland and olive groves

Turkish gendarmerie has battered villagers who protested against the expropriation of their farmlands and olive groves in southern Hatay province. Seven villagers were detained during the gendarmerie's intervention.

Duvar English

Turkish gendarmerie on July 31 battered villagers by using batons in southern Hatay’s Dikmece village. The villagers were protesting against the expropriation of their farmlands and olive groves.

Gendarmerie teams detained seven people during their intervention in which some villagers fainted, ANKA News Agency reported.

Accordingly, construction machines entered the lands of the villagers on July 31. The gendarmerie attacked villagers who wanted to protect their lands by using batons and pepper spray. 

After the attack, one villager said “Our friends have been detained. We are here for them. We are here until the detained Dikmece villagers are released. They will either leave our friends or take us all. We said, 'We will not give up these olive groves'. They took our friends, and we will not give them away.”