Turkish gendarmerie search for elephants in Black Sea province over photoshopped photo

Turkish gendarmerie has launched a search operation for elephants in the Black Sea province of Ardahan after a villager claimed they had seen one and shared a photoshopped image of an elephant.

Duvar English

In Turkey’s northeastern Ardahan province, a shepherd grazing animals in the grassland had claimed that they saw an elephant and shared a photoshopped image of it on their social media account. 

Turkish gendarmerie teams on Nov. 14 went to the region and launched a search operation for the alleged elephants after the images had gone viral on social media.

The gendarmerie first found the shepherd and the area where the photo was taken, according to the news of Demirören News Agency (DHA). Due to the darkening weather, search operations were carried out with flashlights and flashers.

Ardahan Governor Hayrettin Çiçek, on the other hand, made a statement on X and said, "The claim that an elephant was seen in Ardahan province is completely fabricated.”