Turkish governor bans Zeytinli Rock Festival, cites 'public security'

The Burhaniye District Governor's Office has banned the Zeytinli Rock Festival, which hosts several artists and thousands of music lovers every year, “on the grounds of public security.”

Duvar English 

The district governor's office of Burhaniye on the Aegean coast has banned this year's Zeytinli Rock Festival, the biggest gathering of Turkey's best rock, citing “public security.”

A decision released by the governor's office on Aug. 10 read: “Taking into consideration several complaints filed by our citizens, it [festival] has not been seen appropriate for the protection of public security and health, society's peace and environment.”

The festival, which was planned to take place between Aug. 17-21, hosts several artists and thousands of music lovers every year.

Several musicians slammed the governor's decision on social media, with rock band Redd saying: “This 'bad, mediocre' mentality that has been casting a shadow on our youth for the 20 years, will soon end. We will organize bigger festivals that day.”

Another very popular rock band Mor ve Ötesi wrote: “The youth of this country with their independent ideas and consciousness, deserve more than everything that their peers in the world have. This summer is the last summer of prohibitionism."

Rock band Moğollar wrote: “What is trying to be banned is not a festival, but the youth's freedom and right of choice. Then with a high voice today: Something needs to be done!”