Turkish gov’t appoints trustee to district municipality won by DEM Party

Turkish government appointed the district governor as a trustee to southeastern Şanlıurfa province’s Hilvan district won by the Pro-Kurdish DEM Party until the renewal of elections. Upon AKP's objection, the district election board decided to renew the elections because the ballot papers were burnt on election night, yet it was revealed that those who burnt them were AKP candidate’s relatives.

Duvar English

The Turkish government appointed District Governor Orhan Gazi Karakaş as a trustee to the municipality in southeastern Şanlıurfa province'S Hilvan district. the local election board decided to renew the election in the district even though the Pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Equality and Democracy (DEM) Party had won the municipality against the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) candidate.

DEM Party Hilvan co-mayoral candidates Serhan Paydaş and Garip Yeşil won the election with 6,960 votes and 33.20 percent of the vote whereas AKP's candidate Ali Aslan Bayık, who has been mayor for three terms, received 6,439 votes and 30.71 percent of the vote.

The district election board has previously decided that the elections would be renewed on June 6 upon AKP’s objection.

Shortly after the decision, footage depicting a group of individuals burning the ballot papers on election night, which served as a rationale for the election's renewal, circulated on social media.

A Turkish court arrested seven people regarding the incident. Among the arrests were the nephews of AKP’s candidate Bayık and Sabri İzol, a municipal council candidate from the AKP.