Turkish gov't to send Syrian refugees in Ankara back to registered cities

The Turkish Interior Ministry said on Sept. 2 that Syrian refugees who are living in the capital Ankara but are registered in other provinces will be sent back to their official city of residence.

Duvar English

Turkey's Interior Ministry closed off the capital Ankara to refugees starting on Sep. 2, the office said in a statement, adding that all Syrian migrants currently living in the city will be sent to their registered city of residence. 

"The province of Ankara has been closed off for refuge registration as of Sep. 2," the official statement said. "Syrians who are registered in other provinces but are residing in Ankara will be expatriated to their city of residence."

All migrants who will be sent back to their province of residence will be followed up on to make sure they stay in their registered city, the official statement said. 

"Migrants without refugee status or residential permits will be seized by law enforcement and sent to the expatriation center," the statement noted. 

The ministry will also prosecute businesses owned by foreign nationals that don't have a tax certificate, the statement said.