Turkish grocery stores impose quotas on milk sales amid skyrocketing prices

Some grocery stores in Turkey have started imposing quotas on milk sales amid skyrocketing prices. Demirören News Agency correspondent asked stores about their limitations following stockpiling claims.

Duvar English 

Some grocery stores in Turkey have started imposing quotas on milk sales amid skyrocketing prices, Demirören News Agency reported on Dec. 12. 

The agency's correspondent traveled around Istanbul following stockpiling claims and asked stores whether they have imposed limitations when selling milk, as well as sugar and sunflower seed oil.

"We can't sell more than two cartons of milk. There are also limitations in other products," said one employee, noting that the decision was adopted by the store's management. 

Another grocery store in Istanbul's Fatih has told the correspondent that one customer can purchase only two bottles of oil. 

"There was a limitation on cigarettes too, but that was lifted after recent price increases," an employee said. 

"The aim is to sell products to all customers and make everyone be able to purchase the products," they claimed. 

A grocery store employee in Mecidiköy said that one customer can purchase five cartons of milk at maximum. 

"I asked my managers about the reason but they just said, 'It's forbidden,'" they told Demirören News Agency. 

"We're stocking the products," they added. 

The prices of goods have been skyrocketing in Turkey. In November alone, the lira lost some 30% of its value, while official annual inflation jumped to 21.3%, after the central bank slashed its policy interest rate to 15% from 19% since September under pressure from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. 

Erdoğan has been blaming stockpiling for the surge in prices. He has announced plans to impose more severe punishments. 

Commenting on the issue, Consumer Protection Association (TÜKODER) official Murat Bal said that some grocery stores are stocking products to be able to sell them at higher prices in the upcoming days. 

"We've been receiving a lot of complaints. Citizens can notify security forces if they encounter such a limitation," Bal said.