Turkish health minister argues some scientists demand new lockdown, causing 'social depression'

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has argued that some scientists in the country demanded a new lockdown and nation-wide COVID-19 vaccine practice following the death of a doctor due to the coronavirus, causing “social depression.”

Duvar English

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca on Oct. 2 released a statement regarding the death of Erzin Hospital Chief Physician Dr. Ersin Mahmutluoğlu due to COVID-19.

While the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) stated that Mahmutluoğlu died while receiving treatment for COVID-19, Koca said the doctor died due to respiratory infection and three PCR tests for COVID-19 gave negative results for Mahmutluoğlu.

Koca said the doctor’s death was being used “as a means of black propaganda,” which “is aimed at implementing completely unscientific measures and launching vaccination campaigns due to the Eris variant. Like the manufacturers of every product, vaccine manufacturers may want their product to find more buyers. But science does not look at this! Who wants to use an unnecessary medicine, and which doctor can recommend it?”

He said, “I invite those who take unscientific initiatives in the name of science and those who see no harm in our country being dragged into a 'social depression' unnecessarily, to assume the impartiality and responsibility of science,” without explicitly mentioning any name.

Koca added that there will be no more lockdowns or nation-wide vaccide practice for the COVID-19. “COVID-19 is a disease that will now be fought just like the flu is fought.”

Following the death of Mahmutluoğlu on Sept. 30, the TTB called on authorities to fasten the "attempts to introduce vaccines with high protection against the Eris variant" and to take "public health measures such as maintaining hand washing habits, ensuring the cleanliness of public spaces, using masks in closed and crowded areas and health institutions, and sharing accurate information transparently."

Last week, Koca said they did not consider to implenet a new vaccination program and added "It is not possible for us to bow to the global Covid vaccine pressure."