Turkish high school student applies for asylum in Germany after escaping from Erasmus program in Italy

A Turkish high school student during a trip to Italy under the Erasmus program has informed their teacher about their intention to visit the lavatory; however, he subsequently fled to Germany and claimed asylum.

Duvar English

Seventeen-year-old high school student has claimed asylum in Germany after escaping from a trip to Italy with his school as part of the Erasmus program, according to online news outlet Ege'de Son Söz.

As the program continued, a third-year high school student in the group asked permission to go to the restroom. After noticing that the student had not returned despite the time that had passed, the staff could not find the student in his room and filed a missing person report with the Italian police. The student's family was also notified.

Sometime after the situation was reported to the family, the student texted the teachers and said, "Don't look for me, I won't be back."

Later, the school staff learned that the student had traveled to Germany and applied for asylum. He was taken to a refugee camp on the same day.

Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey Nikolaus Meyer Landrut on June 13 stated that Turkish visa holders are more likely to seek asylum in recent years, and they have seen Turkish Erasmus students applying for asylum when their visa expires.