Turkish imam targets tattooists, defends tattoo ban

A Turkish imam has targeted tattooists and people who have tattoos, claiming it was "cursed" by the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Duvar English

Halil Konakçı, the imam of Melike Hatun Mosque located in Ankara, targeted tattooists and people who have tattoos.

“I don't know how many thousand needles are stuck in the body; either you have to be retarded, or you must be drunk! After all, you're retarded if you're drunk,” Konakçı said.

“I think it should be banned by law. The duty of the state is prohibiting what is harmful to the citizens,” Konakçı said. 

Konakçı also claimed that the Islamic prophet Muhammad had “cursed” getting a tattoo. 

He further made anti-semitic comments, stating: “How can you do something that is the curse of the Prophet? Even the Jews don't have tattoos! We are now doing what even the Jews do not do."

“It's not healthy either. Not sure what paint you used. Is it made from rat feces or frog urine? Young people walk around wearing shorts, does not cover their head, drink alcohol, use drugs,” Konakçı added, complaining about people who do not follow Islamic rules.

Konakçı had previously targeted women walking on the street by comparing them to "meat in butcher shops."

“The streets are like a butcher shop. We're disgusted by seeing flesh now. Why? Don’t these women have fathers, brothers, husbands? Aren't you jealous at all?” he had said, implying that women do not wear headscarves and cover their bodies.