Turkish Interior Minister asks citizens to donate breakfast food on 33rd day of earthquakes

Turkish Interior Minister Süleymen Soylu has asked citizens to donate breakfast food, tea, sugar, sweatpants and slippers to the quake survivors and admitted that they cannot provide breakfast in some regions on the 33rd day of earthquakes. Soylu's remarks stirred huge reaction as opposition politicians reminded the billions of liras of aids collected in the early days of the earthquakes.

Duvar English

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu on March 11, the 33rd day of the earthquakes, said that "There are places where we provide breakfast and places where we cannot. We want citizens to donate breakfast food, tea, and sugar. Children and adults need slippers and tracksuits."

Inspecting the warehouse of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority’s (AFAD) logistics center in Kahramanmaraş province, Soylu also mentioned that there will be special needs of those who will be fasting during Ramadan, which will start on March 23.

"Dry food is one of the most needed, as well as personal hygiene and cleaning products, from shampoo to wet wipes are needed," Soylu also noted.

Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP) Hatay MP Barış Atay criticized the minister over asking for help for earthquake victims.

"Do not give credence to such people who try to make the state look incapable," Atay said. "Since the first day, the Turkish Red Crescent has been receiving donations separately from AFAD. They collected over 100 billion Turkish liras on the live broadcast. They are still asking for tea, sugar, and tracksuits. We will go insane," he added.

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) vice chair Veli Ağbaba said, "Well, what happened to all the aid money collected after the earthquake?” He reminded the government’s claims that assuming full authority in the quake zone, and added, “I thought there was no problem for our citizens."