Turkish judge dismissed for reportedly consulting 'sorcerers' on verdicts

Turkey’s Justice Ministry has dismissed a judge for consulting “sorcerers” on the verdicts when she was undecided and had them cast “spells” on lawyers, prosecutors, and judges she disliked, according to reporting from Halk TV.

Duvar English

Turkey’s Justice Ministry last week announced the dismissal of Judge Gül A, working in the southern Adana province. The ministry said she was suspended for reportedly involving in threats and blackmail incidents, and was dismissed due to another case.

According to the investigation file of the ministry, the judge had “sorcerers” cast “spells” on lawyers, prosecutors, and judges she disliked, Halk TV reported on June 23.

Accordingly, Gül A. gave the photographs of the people she disliked to “sorcerers” and had them cast “spells” to make those people fail.

Moreover, the judge had “sorcerers” in every town she worked in and consulted them on the verdicts when she was undecided. 

She also reportedly organized a drug party with methamphetamine taken from judicial custody.

In order to avoid punishment in the Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK) investigation against her, she asked for support from “witch doctors.”

Moreover, she reportedly prepared to flee to Georgia after realizing that the allegations against her would be revealed. She contacted some Turkish business people there, asked for support to open a casino and restaurant in Georgia, and sought ways to smuggle money.