Landlord detained after wanting to increase rent four-fold

Turkish police have detained a landlord who wanted to increase his tenant’s rent four-fold in the southern Adana province.

Duvar English

Turkish police have detained a landlord who wanted to raise his tenant’s rent from 800 liras to 5,000 liras in the southern Adana province, according to reporting by the state-run Anadolu Agency.

The tenant had initially leased the apartment flat four years ago. The landlord wanted to increase the rent four-fold this year, leading the tenant to file a criminal complaint. As a result, the landlord known as Emin Ç. was detained.

Over the past 12 months, rent prices in Turkey have spiked by an unprecedented degree. And a new exodus from the country’s eastern region following the major earthquakes of Feb. 6, has caused a further increase in the already soaring rent prices.

Earlier this month, Anadolu Agency reported that the Justice Ministry is working on an amendment that would introduce jail sentences for landlords who ask for exorbitant rent prices in times of natural disasters.