Turkish man who attacked students with knife 5 years ago appointed as public prosecutor

Süleyman Doğruöz, a far-right extremist who participated in the attacks on leftist students at Ankara University with knives, cleavers, machetes and sticks in 2017, was appointed as a public prosecutor.

Doğruöz is circled in this photograph with a knife in his hand during the attacks against leftist students.

Duvar English

Süleyman Doğruöz, a former leader of the far-right nationalist Grey Wolves organization at Ankara University's law faculty, was appointed as a public prosecutor on May 20. 

As a student, Doğruöz was involved in attacks on leftist students using sharp objects such as knives, cleavers, machetes, and sticks, according to the reporting of the daily BirGün.

Doğruöz was appointed as Adana province’s Ceyhan district’s public prosecutor during the judicial appointment ceremony held in presidential palace with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Along with 1,044 judges and prosecutors, the decision on the appointment of Doğruöz was published on Official Gazette on May 22.

In June 2017, students from the Grey Wolves attacked leftist students with knives, cleavers, machetes and sticks at Ankara University’s Faculty of Communication and vandalized the faculty building during the two-day attack.

A photograph of the attack demonstrated Doğruöz holding a knife in his hand.