Turkish man's incredible escape from COVID-19 raid shocks police officers

A man's escape from a second-floor window shocked police officers raiding a coffee house as a COVID-19 control. Other customers from the establishment have escaped from the window before, as they gather in the coffee house to play games, drink tea, and chat despite regulations.

Duvar English

A Turkish man jumped out of a window of a coffee house in Istanbul during the sixth police raid to the location during the pandemic on Feb. 2, shocking police officers and witnesses with his endurance. 

The customer showed off his agility when he got up immediately after his fall from the second floor, when he ran to hop a nearby fence, after which he continued to run.

"Oh you're gonna die, you're gonna die," a concerned police officer is heard saying in the video of the incident. 

The window is a common exit route for customers during police raids to the coffee house, where they gather to play games, drink tea, and chat despite all COVID-19 regulations and fines. 

"Peace out," another customer told police officers before jumping out the window during a Dec. 11 raid. 

Turkish police fine violators of COVID-19 regulations heavily, as some 49 individuals were fined a total of 169,050 liras in the most recent raid.