Turkish parliamentary commission rules to lift DBP co-chair's immunity

A Turkish parliamentary commission has approved to lift the immunity of DBP co-chair Saliha Aydeniz to pave the way for her to stand trial on accusations of “pushing a police officer” during a demonstration last month.

Duvar English

The Turkish parliament's Drafting Commission has ruled to lift the immunity of pro-Kurdish Democratic Regions Party (DBP) co-chair Saliha Aydeniz to pave the way for criminal proceedings against the deputy.

The decision has been presented to the parliament's Justice Committee, after which it will be opened to the discussion at the General Assembly. If the General Assembly of the parliament votes to strip the deputy of her immunity from prosecution, she will be tried by the court.

Aydeniz is accused of “pushing” a police officer during a march organized in Istanbul on June 12 to protest the contact ban imposed on jailed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

She was among several other people who had protested the police blockade and discussed with the police during the “Gemlik March.”

Afterwards, she was targeted during a speech by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who had said: “She will pay the price of this betrayal in front of the law. We will quickly remove her immunity and show that it is not possible for people like her to exist under this blessed roof.”

Aydeniz is currently facing charges of "resisting the police" and "insulting and injuring a public official."