Police batter, detain more Boğaziçi University demonstrators on 40th day of protests

Turkish police on Feb. 12 battered and detained more supporters of Boğaziçi University students. A video footage showed Bursa police officers asking for handcuffs as they detained civilians on the 40th day of protests.

Duvar English

Police battered and detained demonstrators in the western province of Bursa on Feb. 12 for protesting the president's appointment of a party member as rector to Boğaziçi University. 

Protests have been ongoing since Melih Bulu's appointment on Jan. 2, with demonstrators experiencing state oppression and police brutality for six weeks now.

Parents of detained students have even received threatening phone calls from people who identified themselves as the police. The people on the phone told the families that they should "watch out for [their] children."

Boğaziçi University academics

Meanwhile, Boğaziçi University academics have been continuing their peaceful protests against Bulu in front of the rector's office on campus by standing with their backs turned against the building. 

The academics have once again noted that the campus is under police barricade and closed to members of the press. They have urged Bulu to resign and for democratic elections to be held for the rector.