Turkish police blockade ODTÜ campus and detain students in library over LGBTI+ pride march

The Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) rectorate on June 9 invited hundreds of police to the university campus over the LGBTI+ pride march organized by the students. The police raided the university buildings and detained 15 students on campus.

The police blockades the faculty buildings in the ODTÜ campus.

Duvar English

Turkey’s capital Ankara’s Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) rectorate on June 8 banned the 11th LGBTI+ Pride March organized by the students and asked the police to intervene. The police on June 9 blockaded the campus and detained 15 students using force. The students were released late in the night.

A large number of riot police buses have been waiting at the entrance gates of the university since the morning hours on June 9. Eventually, dozens of police forces had entered the campus even before the march started.

The police established barricades within the campus, strategically positioning riot police at various locations to restrict the movement of students within the university premises. Additionally, they dispersed students attempting to enter the designated marching area.

After the police called on those who were not going to participate in the march to enter the library, some of the students who stayed outside were detained. Afterward, the police entered the library and detained other students as well. 

The ODTÜ students chanted slogans such as "Long live life in spite of hate" and "There is torture on campus" in response to police violence. Some of the students began to march with the rainbow flags. 

Last year, the annual Pride march at the campus was also banned, leading to the brutal intervention of the police. Some 38 students were detained as a result.