Turkish police detain 20 people at Pride march in Ankara

Turkish police on June 29 detained 20 people that gathered for a Pride march in the capital Ankara, days after dozens were detained in Istanbul at a larger parade.

Duvar English 

Turkish police detained 20 people at a small Pride march in the capital Ankara on June 29, days after dozens were detained during an intervention at a larger parade in Istanbul, reports said. 

Video footage showed police officers dispersing those at the march, some of whom were waving rainbow flags, carrying banners and singing. 

The Ankara Pride March Committee held a press meeting at the Kuğulu Park saying that it will continue to speak up against every kind of discrimination.

"We are LGBTI+ individuals whom the fascist, masculine and homophobic state structure is continuously trying to oppress, and who are subjected to psychological, physical and sexual violence," the press statement read. 

Afterwards, the crowds started to walk on Tunalı Hilmi Avenue, where they shouted slogans of "Do not stay silent, shout" and "Homophobic state will, of course, be demolished." 

Police officers battered and detained 20 of the marchers. 

On June 26, police in riot gear were among those intervening in central Istanbul, including pushing and dragging some people who had gathered for a Pride parade.

Turkish authorities have repeatedly banned Pride events in recent years. Before then, thousands of people used to take part in the parade.