Turkish police detain, batter Boğaziçi students for attending pride march on campus

Turkish riot police on May 20 entered the Boğaziçi University campus and broke up the annual LGBTI pride march. Dozens of students were brutally detained.

Duvar English

Turkish police on May 20 detained and battered several Boğazçi University students for attending the 9th Pride March on the university campus premises.

Sendika.org put the number of detentions as 70.

Several videos showing brutal violence against the students were shared on social media, drawing severe criticism.

Amnesty Turkey said on Twitter: "Those who participated in the 9th Pride March at Boğaziçi University faced with unlawful use of force by the police. The footage we have analyzed shows a police officer hitting someone’s head against the police bus."

Leading European LGBTI rights organization ILGA-Europe also took to Twitter to show its reaction with the following words: "We condemn the violent crackdown on Bogazici University's Pride march today which violates LGBTI students' right to freedom of assembly & expression. We call for those detained to be released immediately & authorities to investigate any violence used."

Videos and photos released by the "Boğaziçi Resistance" student group showed dozens of police in riot gear brutally detaining the students.