Turkish police detain citizen for singing in Kurdish in eastern Van

Turkish police have detained a citizen after spotting him singing in Kurdish in the eastern province of Van. After the man refused to give his ID card to the police, he was severely beaten and handcuffed behind his back.

Duvar English

A citizen in Turkey's eastern province of Van has been detained after singing in Kurdish, Mezopotamya News Agency reported on April 25.

Upon seeing the man singing in Kurdish on an avenue, the police stopped him and wanted to run an identity check on him through the General Information Gathering System (GBT).

The citizen, whose name has not been revealed, did not want to give his ID card, and in return, he met with violence. The police beat him harshly and detained him. Some business owners nearby reacted to this incident, which led to their detention as well.

A video shared on social media showed the police handcuffing the relevant citizen behind his back and battering him for several minutes. The man and other detained business owners were later taken to the Van Provincial Police Directorate for questioning.