Turkish police detain university students protesting hike in meal prices

Turkish police have detained eight students from İzmir’s Dokuz Eylül University while protesting the almost 200 percent hike in meal prices in the dining hall.

Duvar English

Turkish police on Oct. 5 detained eight Dokuz Eylül University students for protesting the hike in meal prices with the help of university’s security guards.

The students have been protesting the almost 200 percent hike in the dining hall by banging cutleries and creating a noise. The university management increased the meal prices to 17 liras from 5.80 for the new semester.

On Oct. 5, university’s security guards battered the students and handed them to the police outside the dining hall in Tınaztepe campus. 

The police detained eight students after the brawl, the daily BirGün reported.