Turkish presidency spends 3.92b liras in 2019, hikes budget for 2021

Turkey's presidency spent some 3.92 billion liras in 2019, Vice President Fuat Oktay said. Meanwhile, the presidency's budget proposal for 2021 totaled 4.39 billion liras.

Duvar English

The Turkish Presidency spent 3.82 billion liras in 2019, Vice President Fuat Oktay said in a meeting with the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission on Nov. 27. 

Meanwhile, the proposed budget for the presidency in 2021 totaled 4.39 billion liras with a 28.1 percent bump from 2020.

Some 1.5 billion liras of the 2021 presidential budget is allocated to the Interior Ministry and the Defense Ministry's "efforts to uphold and maintain peace," Oktay said.

While some 175 million liras of the budget will be designated to emergency funds, some 384 million will be spent on presidential offices.