Turkish press group presents freedom award to investigative journalist Çiğdem Toker

The Turkish Journalists' Association (TGC) has given this year’s Press Freedom Award to investigative journalist Çiğdem Toker. The association also announced that its “Institutional Award” has been given to the Istanbul Medical Chamber and Turkish Writers’ Union.

Duvar English

The Turkish Journalists' Association (TGC) has been giving the “Press Freedom Award” since 1989 to emphasize the importance of free press.

The organization on July 6 granted the award to journalist Çiğdem Toker in the category of people and Istanbul Medical Chamber as well as the Turkish Writers’ Union in the category of institution.

The organization said that Toker values universal journalism principles, makes no concessions in this regard, follows objective journalism, and makes investigative reports that pay regard to public interest.

The TGC also said that the Istanbul Medical Chamber and Turkish Writers’ Union emphasize the importance of freedom of thought and expression as well as human rights and freedoms. It also said that these two organizations put public health above everything else and make warnings in this regard.

The TGC also condemned the arrest of journalist Merdan Yanardağ and called for his release.