Turkish prosecutor deems spicy wheat wrap 'a weapon' in attack against shop owner

A Turkish prosecutor has recently sought charges of "injury with a weapon" against a man who attacked a shop owner with a spicy wheat wrap ("çiğ köfte dürüm"). The prosecutor said that among the reasons for attacking the shop owner was that the wrap was spicer than was asked for.

Duvar English

A Turkish prosecutor has considered spicy wheat tortilla as a weapon in an indictment against a man identified as G.Ş. for attacking a shop owner.

Yılmaz Koç owns a shop for "çiğ köfte," a Turkish dish that translates directly into raw meatballs and is comprised of a unique blend of cracked wheat, herbs and spices.  

G.Ş. reportedly attacked shop owner Koç on Feb. 23 when his çiğ köfte order came out wrong, as he said his dish was spicy when he said he wanted it plain. 

The prosecutor's office briefly detained G.Ş. following the attack, but he was released pending trial after giving a statement where he confirmed that the conflict was caused by the çiğ köfte's spice level.

G.Ş. reportedly insulted Koç, threw the çiğ köfte in his face and battered him.

Koç's business was attacked for a second time on March 1, which this time led to the detentions of G.Ş.'s brothers.

"Taking into account the wheat wrap's size, its hardness and shortness of the distance from where it was thrown and the fact that it hit the complainant's face, .... the wrap should be considered as a weapon that is suitable to be used an the attack and cause injury," said the prosecutor.