Turkish prosecutors reject complaints over death threats against journalist

Turkish prosecutors have rejected criminal complaints over the death threats against journalist İsmail Arı. Arı is being threatened with death following his reportings about the Menzil cult.

Duvar English

Turkish journalist İsmail Arı, from the daily BirGün, on Sept. 19 announced that Turkish prosecutors have rejected his criminal complaint regarding the death threats he has been receiving.

In a tweet, Arı said “People, most of whom are members of the Menzil cult, threaten me with death and curse me. All the complaints I file are rejected by prosecutors. The reason was, ‘It is not clear who (the threats are) aimed at!’.”

“Under the AKP government, the judiciary works only for AKP members. Would this happen if these threats and curses were made against an AKP member or a pro-government journalist? If something happens to me, the prosecutors and the Justice Ministry will be responsible for ignoring my complaints!,” Arı added.

Arı also shared the screenshots of the posts and private messages containing threats and insults made against him.