Turkish school administration cencors Picasso’s Guernica for being 'inappropriate'

A Turkish middle school administration has covered the painting of Picasso's Guernica on the wall up with plaster upon the complaint of some teachers claiming it is “inappropriate for students’ age group.”

Photo: BirGün

Duvar English

The administration of the Mehmet Emin Pulatkonak Middle School/İmam Hatip Middle School in Istanbul's Beykoz district has covered the Guernica painting students drew on the school wall at the end of last year up with plaster, Mustafa Kömüş from the daily BirGün reported on Sept. 29.

An exhibit was put together at the school last semester, where students created sculptures, paintings, and etchings using repurposed material. One of these pieces was a replication of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica painting.

According to the reporting, some of the Religious Culture teachers in the school have requested the removal of the painting claiming it is “inappropriate for students’ age group.” However, other teachers have not accepted this request.

The issue was brought back under discussion as the new school year started, and the painting was covered with plaster as per the request of the Provincial Directorate of National Education. 

The move came despite Guernica is being included in the Education Ministry's curriculum as part of an exercise within the Art Criticism and Aesthetic Learning at the 5th-grade level.

Students had recreated Guernica from repurposed material last year.

Guernica was painted by Pablo Picasso in 1937.

The painting depicts the bombing of the city of Guernica by 28 bomber aircrafts belonging to Nazi Germany on 26 April 1937, during the Spanish Civil War.