Turkish TV series to include pro-vaccination messages

TV shows in Turkey are going to involve scenes that encourage receiving shots in an attempt to persuade viewers to receive COVID-19 vaccinations, an industry representative said.

Duvar English

Turkish television shows will include scenes that encourage viewers to receive shots in an attempt to contribute to vaccination efforts in the country, an industry representative said. 

"There's intense anti-vaccination sentiment. You're going to see scenes about this in four or five shows in a couple of weeks," Television and Cinema Film Producers' Professional Association Chair Burhan Gün said in a speech in parliament. 

Turkey's Health Ministry also produced public service announcements as part of their increased vaccination efforts under the campaign "We're rolling up our sleeves," an expression that means starting a big project in Turkish. 

The Health Ministry started vaccinations in January with healthcare workers, although a shortage in vaccine supplies slowed down public vaccination until recently. 

A total of 41,322,022 persons have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, with only 14,380,953 having received both doses that ensure immunity.