Turkish youth should go abroad but eventually return, Nobel winner says

Nobel Prize winner Prof. Aziz Sancar told the Turkish youth to go abroad if they have the opportunity, but should eventually return because Turkey needs them. Speaking at a conference on Sept. 23, Sancar said that he hopes the youth would introduce Turkey to the world.

Sancar is seen speaking at Zirve 23 in Istanbul on Sept. 23.

Duvar English

Nobel Prize winner scientist Prof. Aziz Sancar told the Turkish youth on Sept. 23 that they should go abroad if they can, but that they should eventually return to their home country as Turkey needs them. 

It's important to meet people from different countries to learn their points of view, but the youth owes Turkey in the grand scheme of things, Sancar said. 

"So go abroad if you have the opportunity but definitely come back because Turkey needs you," Sancar said. 

Sancar told the youth to not follow in his footsteps in the context of working abroad, as he's a professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, and lives in the United States. 

"Loving your home country is really important. Go abroad but come back, don't do what I did," Sancar said. 

Speaking at professional development conference, Zirve 23, in Istanbul, Sancar said that he hopes the youth will introduce Turkey to the world, and told them to persevere through challenges.