Turks bewildered over launch of alleged assassin hiring website

A website allegedly offering hitmen for hire has been created in Turkey. Several social media users expressed their bewilderment at the website's launch, while a retired police chief told OdaTV that it might be a scam set-up.

Duvar English

A website allegedly offering hitman services in Turkey has been launched, according to reporting by OdaTV.

The website is said to have prices for different services, with a murder commissioned for $30,000. The site also reportedly provides more options, with “injuring and leaving someone crippled” costing $20,000, “abduction” going for $10,000, and “arson” costing $9,000.

Retired Police Chief Feramuz Erdin, who works as a security advisor for OdaTV, said that the website looks like it is an internet scam to earn money, but that if it is real, everyone should be concerned.

The website reportedly gives an e-mail address for those wanting to receive the relevant services and indicates that they receive the money in advance, at least 50 percent of it.

“When you read it, you come across a website on which every kind of organized crime service is given. We know that some crimes are being committed on the internet's dark web section which is not accessible to everyone, but now we witness a website that can be accessed by everyone for the first time,” said Erdin.

“The services and procedures look like they might draw the attention of some heartbroken or angry people. I think that this website was launched for the purpose of scamming people. And I hope that it was because its content is really scary...No one can easily file a criminal complaint with the police, saying 'I got swindled by a rent-a-hitman website.' The thesis that the police also launched this website to follow such people is out of the question because the police do not instigate people to commit crime as this itself would be a crime,” he also said.

Meanwhile, the website led to a huge reaction on social media, with many users expressing their bewilderment with phrases such as “It must be a joke” and “No way now.”