Turks call for boycott of Trendyol over laid-off workers

A boycott campaign for Trendyol, Turkish e-commerce platform, began as warehouse workers were laid-off last month due to their "unionization efforts." Boycotters say, “No workers, no Trendyol!”

Duvar English

Public figures and citizens in Turkey have declared their support for workers who have been recently dismissed by the e-commerce site Trendyol and called for a boycott of the company.

54 workers, from the Warehouse, Port, Shipyard and Maritime Workers Union (DGD-SEN) and PTT-SEN, have been accused of “immorality” by Trendyol and laid-off without compensation for being union members. The workers of the Trendyol warehouse in Istanbul's Esenyurt district began their resistance on Aug. 28 following the dismissal.

Artists and citizens participating in the boycott shared their cancelled memberships on social media using the ‘#TrendyolBoykot’ (Boycott Trendyol) hashtag, online news outlet Diken reported on Sept. 24.

Unions also shared videos of artists calling for a boycott of the company.

"Trendyol has grown a lot, but when it comes to unionization, we heard that it has shrunk. I am calling out to them from here; please do not shrink so much," director Müfit Can Saçıntı said in a video message.

"Being a union member is a worker's right. I stand with Trendyol workers," singer Aylin Aslım said.