Twenty-four students hospitalized after consuming school cafeteria food in Kayseri

Twenty-four students in central Anatolian Kayseri province have been hospitalized after consuming meatballs in their school cafeteria. In recent months, food poisoning outbreaks have troubled educational institutions across the country, leading to hundreds of students requiring medical attention.

Duvar English

Food poisoning has struck Turkey’s students once again, with 24 hospitalized after consuming meatballs in a school cafeteria at the Servet Akaydın Primary School in Kayseri, central Anatolia, according to a report from the Demirören News Agency (DHA) on April 22.

One student fell ill after eating a köfte from the school’s canteen, leading to 23 other students who had consumed the same dish being hospitalized on suspicion of food poisoning.

Initial examinations at the hospital indicated no concerning findings, resulting in all 24 students being discharged.

The incident in Kayseri adds to a series of food poisoning outbreaks plaguing Turkey’s educational institutions in recent months.

Earlier in April, 48 students were hospitalized after consuming food from a bazaar at a secondary school in Aydın, Western Turkey.

Similarly, in April, 23 high school students at an Imam Hatip dormitory in the Black Sea province of Ordu required treatment following an iftar dinner.

In Feb. 2024, eight students from a primary and secondary school in southeastern Adıyaman province received medical care after consuming cake.

In Jan. 2024, 12 students at a school in Kayseri required hospitalization due to food consumed during their lunch break.

The same month, 95 students from a girls’ dormitory in Kastamonu province were hospitalized after consuming a chicken dish.

In Nov. 2023, 117 students suffered from food poisoning after a cafeteria dinner in Mediterranean Isparta province.

(English version by Wouter Massink)