Two lifeguards stabbed for enforcing swimming ban on Black Sea beach where three drowned

Two lifeguards have been stabbed after asking a group of people not to swim in the Black Sea coastal town of Şile. A swimming ban for the Şile beaches was extended on July 23 as the body of a third vacationer was found in the water after five people went missing while swimming the day before.

Duvar English

A swimming ban in Turkey's Black Sea coastal Şile district was extended on July 23 as the body of a third person was found in the water after five vacationers had gone missing the day before. 

Five beachgoers went missing on July 22 in the bad weather conditions that created a dangerous environment in the sea. Two of the five missing persons were found dead shortly after while one other was rescued. 

Search efforts for the remaining three persons were briefly put on hold in the dark, but law enforcement recovered the body of one other on July 23. 

The precautionary swimming ban continued on July 23, when a group of vacationers stabbed two lifeguards for preventing them from going into the water. Four people were detained in connection to the attack. 

Waves were reported to stand as tall as two meters on July 23 on the Black Sea coastal town.