Two police officers caught with 19 kg of drugs in southeastern Gaziantep

Two police officers in Turkey's southeastern Gaziantep province have been caught carrying over 19 kilograms of skunk weed, a form of cannabis.

Duvar English

Two people driving in a car did not stop at an inspection checkpoint in Turkey’s southeastern Gaziantep province and fled the scene despite the police’s warning to stop. The incident occurred on Aug. 4.

The two suspects threw two bags off the car during their flee attempt, in which 19.6 kg of skunk weed (a form of cannabis) were found. The two suspects were later caught and were determined to be in fact police officers themselves, Demirören news agency reported on Aug. 8. 

One of the suspects is M.Y., a police commissar at Diyarbakır Provincial Police Headquarters, while the other is V.K., serving as a police officer again in Diyarbakır.

Following their procedures at the police station, the suspects were transferred to a courthouse, where a judge ruled for their arrest.