UK gov’t issues warning against traveling to Turkey after 241 salmonella cases

The UK Health Safety Agency issued a warning against traveling to Turkey after salmonella infection was detected in 241 people returning from the country's tourist destinations.

Duvar English

The United Kingdom Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) announced that at least 241 people who traveled to Turkey between mid-January and July 19 were infected with salmonella and issued a travel warning.

The agency stated that most of the patients previously traveled to the touristic Antalya province in the Mediterranean and stayed in hotels where the “all-inclusive” holiday packages were offered.

The UKHSA said it was working with international public health bodies on the investigation, which also involved officials from Turkey.

In June, about 130 people staying at one luxury hotel in Antalya suffered "serious stomach ailments" and that the patients were mostly children. Tourists stated that the hotel serves buffet meals in an “inappropriate environment” while fresh food was added on top of the old dishes with dirty utensils.

The UK government previously warned against medical tourism to Turkey after it was determined that 25 British citizens have died in Turkey since January 2019 following medical procedures. Also, there were reports of an outbreak of botulism linked to weight loss treatments performed in Istanbul and İzmir provinces in February 2023.