UK man moves to five-star resort in Antalya as it costs less than rent

A UK man has moved to an all-inclusive five-star resort in Turkey’s Mediterranean Antalya province for the month. He had shared his realization on TikTok that the vacation would cost less than his monthly expenses in Manchester.

Kerr shares photos from his stay at the Antalya resort

Duvar English

A man from the United Kingdom on Feb. 19 arrived in Port River Hotel and Spa in Turkey’s Mediterranean Antalya province for the month after realizing the resort would cost less than his monthly rent and tax in Manchester, according to reporting by the Daily Mail. 

Josh Kerr shared his journey on his TikTok account and said he would rather spend the month in the "warm and sunny" hotel on a trip that costs £944, rather than spend £950 per month for rent and bills for his flat in Manchester. 

“What are we doing in England?” concluded Kerr's video. He then planned the vacation and arrived at the Antalya resort to spend the month. 

The all-inclusive holiday package costs 37 thousand Turkish liras, including a round trip from Manchester to Antalya. Recent figures by the state-run Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) indicated that 42.2% of Turkey's households could not afford even a one-week annual holiday away from home.

In 2023, Turkey broke records in tourism, earning a record-breaking revenue of 54.3 billion dollars from 57.1 million visitors. With the depreciation of the Turkish lira, vacations have become increasingly affordable for foreign visitors. 

Turkey’s most popular tourist destination Antalya has also been a popular spot for foreigners’ real estate purchases, especially Russian citizens after the onset of the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War. However, 2023 data revealed an exodus of foreign residents from Antalya due to the rising cost of living and changes in the naturalization via real estate sale scheme of Turkey.