Istanbul municipality to hold design competition to reshape Taksim Square

The Istanbul municipality is holding a design competition to reshape the city's iconic Taksim Square. The square at central Istanbul has lost its historic fabric after being turned into a concrete-covered place in recent years.

Duvar English

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) is holding a design competition to reshape the city's iconic Taksim Square. The applications for the “Taksim Urban Design Competition” started on March 2.

The competition will be held in two stages. In the first stage, city planners, architects or landscape architects will be able to submit their projects individually or in teams to the İBB's Cultural Assets Preservation Department until May 10. Twenty projects which pass the first stage of the competition will then submit a second application with a new project until June 29.

The projects will be assessed by the jury starting on July 3 and the winners will be announced to the public with an award ceremony on July 18. There winners will receive 50,000 euros each.

Thecompetition will be also open to foreign citizens, provided that theapplicant team consists of at least one city planner, architect andlandscape architect.

Thejury, which will be headed by architect Kerem Piker, will consist ofarchitect Ayşe Zeynep Ahunbay, architect İpek Akpınar Aksugür,urban planner Can Kubin, landscape architect Arzu Kutkam, architectManuel de Rivero and landscape architect Rainer Schmidt.

Juryconsultants will consist of Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu along with othermunicipality executives.