Woman posing in swimsuit at historical site in custody

A women taken into custody in Erzurum after posing at historical site in 'inappropriate clothing' was released afterwards.

A woman was seen being photographed wearing revealing lingerie at the Aziziye Bastion where people of the Erzurum defended the city during the Ottoman-Russian war, also known as the '93 war'. After she shared the photos on social media channels, the internet reacted.

Following the news, officials from the Police Headquarters Public Security Branch Office Ethics Bureau Directorship took the person into custody. She was released after an initial statement at the station.

Erzurum's Police Headquarters issued a written statement:

"Regarding the social media news entitled 'Do not make Nene Hatun turn in her grave', the Public Security Branch Office Ethics Bureau officials have conducted an investigation and it was determined that the person in the inappropriate photos is K.G. Having referred to judicial authorities, the person in custody was released after thorough paperwork was completed."