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A group of Turkish women performed a dance created by Chilean feminist group “Las Tesis” to protest the murder, sexual assault, and sexual abuse of women.

The protest was organized by the Socialist Women’s Council (SKM) in front of an opera house in Istanbul’s Kadıköy district and was one of many events modeled after the protest designed by the Chilean feminist collective Las Tesis.

Members of the SKM danced and sang along with the chant, “If I say no, it’s no; you can’t force me. I can wear whatever, you can’t harass me. ‘No’ to assault!” After the performance, SKM spokeswoman Ezgi Bahçeci told the crowd that they wanted to “join Chilean’s women’s voices” against rape and the murder of women.

Las Tesis had initially performed the dance in front of Chile’s ministry for women’s rights and gender equality on Nov. 25. The feminist collective’s protest took place amid nationwide protests sparked by a spike in gas prices that continue to criticize the local government.