Police shuts down feminist dance protest in Ankara

Police shut down a dance protest by a feminist group in Ankara Thursday. The women wanted to perform the protest dance created by Chilean collective Las Tesis, but were moved away from the square. Some women were battered and dragged on the ground by police officers.

Serkan Alan/ Duvar

A feminist dance protest modeled after the Chilean collective Las Tesis was stopped by the police in Ankara.

Members of Womens' Assembly, a Turkish feminist collective, wanted to perform Las Tesis' dance protest in Ankara's busy square Güvenpark, but police officers pushed them away with their shields.

The women then tried to perform the dance in front of Kızılay Mall, but were once again pushed away by police shields.

Women chanting “We won't be quiet, we won't be frightened, we will not obey!” were battered and dragged on the ground by police.

Created by the Chilean feminist collective Las Tesis, the dance protests violence against women, sexual assault and sexual abuse of children. The song and dance protest has been performed in many countries around the world.