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Turkish TV production company Ay Yapım has announced that famous actor Ozan Güven has decided not to take part in TV series ‘Babil’ until the legal investigation against him over charges of beating his girlfriend is finalized.

“Ozan Güven, one of the actors our TV series ‘Babil’ has decided to suspend his works until the incident that has been submitted to the jurisdiction is finalized,” Ay Yapım said in a written statement.

“We would like to bring to the public’s attention that we respect his [Güven’s] decision and have mutually terminated our cooperation,” Ay Yapım said further.

Güven’s girlfriend Deniz Bulutsuz said on July 1 that the famous actor inflicted violence on her in his house on June 13 for over an hour.

Bulutsuz said that they had an argument on that day over her ex-boyfriend, with Güven getting increasingly jealous and aggressive.

The incident prompted outrage on social media, with thousands of people calling on producers to never work with Güven again.

Güven denied the allegations and claimed that it was actually him who “suffered violence” at the hands of Bulut. The famous actor in turn filed a criminal complaint against Bulutsuz.

On July 13, Istanbul prosecutors sought a prison term of between three years to 13 years for Güven in the case.

Apart from his role in “Babil,” Güven is also known for his roles in TV dramas such as “Fi” and “Magnificent Century.”