Workers’ Party of Turkey leader Baş visits Corbyn, supports his election campaign

Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP) leader Erkan Baş visited former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in London. Visiting some houses, Baş asked for votes for Corbyn who is an independent MP candidate.

Photo: Arif Bektaş from the daily Evrensel

Duvar English

Workers’ Party of Turkey (TİP) leader Erkan Baş visited Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of Britain’s Labour Party, in London, the daily Evrensel reported on June 15.

The meeting also saw the participation of Corbyn’s advisors, and Turkish actor and political refugee Memet Ali Alabora who lives in Wales.

Corbyn is running to be an independent MP in the July 4 general election. He was suspended from Labour following a report into how anti-Semitism complaints were handled under his leadership.

Baş told Corbyn, “Even though we live in different countries, we are fighting against the same enemy.”

Corbyn, on the other hand, reminded that he works closely with the Turkish and Kurdish communities, and asked TİP members to participate in his election campaign.

Corbyn said that he has been working closely with the Turkish and Kurdish Community Center (DAY-MER) for many years, that he participates in the DAY-MER Festival every year, and that he will participate again this year on July 7.

After their meeting, Baş and Corbyn visited voters together. Speaking to Turkish people in the houses they visited, Baş asked for votes for Corbyn. A voter said, “We will vote for Corbyn as a family.”

Memet Ali Alabora shared a photo from the meeting and said that Corbyn was running as an independent and that Baş had come to support him. “(Corbyn) has always been a comrade of the Turkish community in Britain, against racism, for peace and justice. If you can vote for him on July 4th, you are lucky."